Worried about your Memory

First Steps for Memory Concerns 

For anyone concerned about their own, or someone else’s memory, it is important to visit their GP.

GPs and primary health care teams are often the first port of call for people worried about their memory, and are a gateway to timely diagnosis and interventions.

Dementia is progressive so it is important to obtain a diagnosis and understand about the support and treatments that are available to stabilise / improve symptoms that start affecting day to day life. The GP will carry out an initial assessment and may refer to a consultant for further specialist assessment either in primary care or a memory clinic.

In addition to the blood tests, GPs or primary care staff may ask the individual and their family and carers to complete a specific test that asks about performing everyday tasks.  In the ‘Memory Clinic’ individuals will be asked to complete specific neuropsychological tests to look at the areas where they are having problems. Most people are also asked to have a scan, usually an MRI scan but may be a CT scan. 

 The Devon Dementia Roadmap website has been created to provide information about the process mentioned above and the support available, to find out more please click here.