The most precious resource we all have is time. Time to help, time to support, time to share with loved ones. The Tavistcok Dementia Alliance is run entirely by volunteers. Why not join us – to do whatever you enjoy doing?

Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of those around you. There are many ways to get involved – you may find your ‘dream’ role?

How do you go about finding the right volunteering role for you?
Well two basic steps:

Think about what interests or excites you.

This could be something you enjoyed doing before, or something completely new.

For example: we always need volunteers to help with our dementia-friendly swimming sessions at mount Keely swimming pool. Just one hour once a month on a Saturday. No need to swim or even get in the pool. Just welcome and support our guests.

Or do you like fundraising and organising events?

Think about what time or skills you can give.

With so many opportunities to choose from, it's a great idea to narrow down your choices by deciding what you're willing to give.

For example: have you time for an hour a week to update our website and social media pages? You could do this from home.

Or why not join our Steering Group? We meet once every three months for 1 hour – focusing on what we need to do to help those with a dementia and their carers in our town.

Please contact info@tavistockdementia.org etc or telephone 07756185138 for further information and details of opportunities available.

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